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Nutritional Weight Loss Program
This program is scientifically designed to provide a balance of nutrients to fuel your body for optimal health and performance. You will lose excess body fat, feel better, look better and have more energy.
THIS IS NOT A DIET! Diets don't work because they involve deprivation and unnatural eating patterns that can't be sustained. You can achieve weight loss and positive body composition changes through this program, but you will be following a balanced and healthy eating program, which you will learn to incorporate into your lifestyle for lasting results.
Changing old habits is hard work. The 10 Weeks To Wow! Nutritional Weight Loss Program makes it easy to follow a healthy eating pattern while giving you the freedom to make your own food choices. This program provides a blueprint for you to follow at the grocery store. Your whole family will benefit from the healthy choices you are making.
10 Weeks To Wow! Nutritional Weight Loss Program Includes
10 - 20 pounds of Fat Loss over the 10 Week period
Personalized healthy and balanced meal plans including grocery store recommendations
10 Weekly Weigh-in and Body Composition Assessments
Exercise recommendations 
Ongoing daily email support and motivation 
The 10 Weeks To Wow!  Nutritional Weight Loss Manual; Including  Educational Handouts that deal specifically with Canadian Store bought food
Individual Coaching
Your Food Coach sorts through the clutter of diet and nutrition information to provide you with a personal plan to get you back in control of your eating habits. Your Food Coach will guide and support you to make informed decisions about the type of food to eat to best enhance your health, whatever your lifestyle.
A personal one-on-one consultation with your Food Coach will assist you in the following areas:
Weight Loss
Emotional Eating
Heart Health and Blood Pressure Management
Diabetes Management and Prevention
Digestive Health
Family Nutrition
Couples, Families, Teenagers, Children

Couples and the entire Families can benefit from nutrition consultations with a Food Coach. Great success can be achieved by making changes together and by having the support of significant others in your life. The service areas offered to families are identical to those offered for Individual Consultations.
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