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Packages are based on your fitness and nutrition goals.

If weight loss is a goal there are a number of components to consider for your program.

1.	Nutrition - This is 80% of your results. If you are not getting the proper nutrients and fuel, it will be very difficult to see weight loss results. The bottom line is you have to eat to 
lose weight.

2.	Resistance training - This is very important for burning calories.  The more muscle you have, the more you will increase your metabolism and burn calories at rest.

3.	Cardiovascular Exercise - This includes walking, running, swimming and biking. Any form of exercise that maintains an elevated heart rate for a specific duration. Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important for heart health, stamina and energy.

4.	Stretching/Relaxation - This is an important component for your well being. It is proven that having a lot of excess stress in your life can contribute to weight gain and make it very difficult to lose the dangerous body fat around the abdominal area. Learn stretching and relaxation techniques that you can use even at your desk to help you get through your day, release tension in your muscles and ease your mind.

The above components are available together as a combination 
of packages or on their own. Call or send me an email with 
your fitness goals so we can determine what components
 would work best for you.

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