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Exercise of the Month

The plank is a great exercise to stabilize the core, build endurance in the abs and back and strengthen the shoulders.
Level 1

Perform this exercise first in an up right position if you are a beginner. This puts less stress on the back and shoulders. Make sure your shoulders are 90 degrees and your abdominals are contracted tight to support the low back. Keep your body in a perfectly straight line from the top of your head to the bottom of 
your feet.

Level 2

When that becomes easy you can take it to an incline position. Same form applies as in level one. 

Level 3

Doing this exercise from bent knees on the floor makes it more challenging.  

Level 4

To make this even more challenging you can perform this exercise from a straight leg position. Face down on forearms and palms. Keep your back flat and in a straight line from head to toe. Contract your abs to prevent rear end from sticking up or back from sagging in the middle. Start by holding for 10 seconds and slowly build up to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Please consult your physician before trying any of these exercises. Especially if you have a shoulder or low back issue.
Fit Tips

Sitting on a stability ball at work instead of a chair will help you improve your posture, balance and core strength.
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