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Shari has been in the Wellness industry for almost 10 years. She is a certified Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist,Fitness Instructor and a Yoga Exercise Specialist. Shari is also a certified dance instructor with the British Association of Teachers of Dance. Shari’s philosophy is all about having fun. If we don’t enjoy what we are doing why would we keep doing it? Shari’s goal is to get everyone to love exercise. Shari knows about the challenges we face when trying to balance work and family life. Married with 2 kids and full-time responsibilities, Shari doesn't claim to have all the answers, but hopefully she can help make your journey to wellness a little less stressful.

Shari was the Director/Owner of Shari Robinson’s School of Performing Arts for 13 years, teaching children and adults jazz, tap, ballet and musical theatre. The transition from dance to fitness seemed like a natural one. Shari started by teaching group exercise classes in the Durham region. In 2003 Shari was hired as a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness Clubs.  In 2005, she became Fitness Manager. Being in charge of the Personal Training department was a challenge Shari was ready for. Development of people and helping them to succeed is one of Shari’s strongest attributes. The next phase of Shari’s career took her to Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada. Shari wanted to go back to how she started in the industry and her first love of helping clients achieve their goals. Shari’s areas of expertise include working with people that want to lose weight, get strong and reduce joint pain. 

Shari is very excited about SC Wellness Solutions and continuing to help people achieve their desired results. With the variety of programming we are offering, you are sure to find what works for you.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.



Shari Coulter



Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer


Fitness Instructor


Nutrition and Wellness Specialist


Certified Dance Instructor with the British Association of Teachers of Dance


Yoga Exercise Specialist

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Shari Coulter

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